Show the unique bond between you and your favorite club

Are you looking for a first-class tap from a renowned German manufacturer and want to express your love for BVB at the same time? Then we have just the right solution for you! As the official advertising partner of BVB, SCHÜTTE offers high-quality products that have been specially developed for BVB fans. From exclusive kitchen faucets to elegant hand showers, each product is a symbol of the strong bond between loyal fans and this unique club.

Officially licensed by Borussia Dortmund


BVB kitchen faucet chrome


True connection for the kitchen

Experience the perfect cooking experience with the BVB kitchen faucets from SCHÜTTE! These Made in Germany taps have been specially developed for BVB fans and not only offer maximum ease of use, but also demonstrate your strong bond with your favorite club. With a 360-degree rotating spout and a pull-out spray, you can easily reach any spot in your sink area. Thanks to the highest quality materials, modern technologies and a high-quality ceramic cartridge, precise, reliable and long-lasting operation is guaranteed.


True solidarity for the bathroom

Start the day with your favorite club. The BVB hand showers from SCHÜTTE offer an unforgettable shower experience and symbolize your strong connection to BVB. The BVB hand showers feature innovative technology that ensures a powerful and even jet of water. With three adjustable spray types, you can adapt the shower experience to your personal preferences. Whether a gentle rain or a powerful massage jet, the BVB hand showers leave nothing to be desired.

BVB hand shower black
BVB kitchen faucet with logo


The innovative technologies and the robust, durable design have characterized SCHÜTTE products for many years and offer an unforgettable user experience. With the official BVB logo on every product, you can show your passion for Borussia Dortmund. So you can show your loyalty to your favorite club every day and at the same time get the best out of your kitchen and bathroom.


The ultra-modern factory for tap production, final assembly, quality assurance and warehousing is located in Wallenhorst in northern Germany. The BVB logo is precisely placed on the handles of the taps with the help of a fine bevel laser. With KITCHEN FAUCETS Made in Germany, you can rely on quality, durability and sustainability.

With the sink mixer with pull-out spout, you get a kitchen faucet that fits perfectly into modern kitchens with its clear, modern shapes and high-quality finish. The elegant L-shaped spout offers a luxurious look and, with a height of 27.5 cm, is perfect for filling larger vessels. The spout can be rotated 360 degrees and has a pull-out sprayers with a 150 cm long fabric hose. The high-quality surface is particularly durable and easy to clean. And thanks to the cold start function, you protect the environment and save energy and water, as only cold water flows through the sink mixer when the tap handle is in the basic position. That's good for the climate and your wallet!

The elegant hand shower with its modern arrangement of nozzles is an absolute highlight for any shower. The innovative velvet spray technology uses 300 nozzles to create a microscopically fine spray pattern and a very delicate mist of water that envelops the body like velvet. A shower head that inspires.

The Wellness hand shower has three spray types, individually adjustable depending on the type of shower - from a gentle summer shower to a pleasant massage spray. The shower head has an integrated push-button diverter for convenient adjustment of the spray type. An elegant and practical solution.

Borussia Dortmund is the intense soccer experience. Borussia Dortmund stands for intensity, authenticity, commitment and ambition. The unconditional loyalty of the fans has carried BVB through good times and bad for over 100 years. The exclusive kitchen faucets and the elegant hand showers are symbols of the strong bond between loyal fans and this unique club.