Franz Joseph Schütte GmbH, founded in 1976, has established itself as a renowned manufacturer in the sanitary industry. With production facilities in various regions of the world, the company stands for a broad geographical presence and efficient logistics. Trade customers throughout Europe are supplied with an extensive range of high-quality taps for kitchens and bathrooms as well as a variety of shower products. With continuous innovation and future-oriented adaptability, the company has been mastering the changing requirements and trends of the industry for almost 50 years now. Because nothing is as constant as change.

Discover our company history and the milestones of a group of companies that has been growing steadily for decades.

History: First company location


In 1976, Franz Joseph Schütte GmbH was founded in Wallenhorst near Osnabrück.

In 1985, in close cooperation with Italian partners, the company specializes in SCHÜTTE brand sanitary products.

In 1997, Björn Schütte, the second generation of the family, joins the management.


In 2000, the establishment of an international network of production facilities begins, laying the foundation for further growth.

In 2008, the company grew to over 25 employees, making it necessary to build a new administration building on Ringstrasse in Wallenhorst.

In 2011, the pipe and fitting manufacturer KIRCHHOFF is taken over and incorporated into the group of companies as W. Kirchhoff GmbH.

History: Second company location
History: Company location Hullerweg 1


In 2014, continued growth once again requires a larger company building. The topping-out ceremony at Hullerweg 1 takes place in October.

In 2015, SEE Holding GmbH is founded as the parent company and merged with Eisl Sanitär GmbH from Austria. The operational business of W. Kirchhoff GmbH is relocated to the new site in Wallenhorst.


In 2016, Franz Joseph Schütte GmbH celebrates its 40th anniversary.

In 2017, SEE Holding takes over the sanitary ware retailer MB Bad & Küche GmbH.

In 2019, a second building was added to the administration and logistics center on Hullerweg. The modern site in Wallenhorst near Osnabrück covers over 60,000 square meters and includes administration, production and logistics.

History: Company location Hullerweg 2
History: Showroom


In 2020, WASSERWERK is founded as a brand for particularly high-quality taps made in Germany. Production takes place at the site in Wallenhorst.

In 2022, the entire group of companies at its location in Germany was confirmed as a climate-neutral company through CO2 compensation (certified by Fokus Zukunft).

In 2023, the company enters the US market with the newly founded company W. Kirchhoff Inc. SEE Holding also becomes the SCHÜTTE GROUP.