AQUADOT® - Smart. Intuitive. Precise.

The technology highlight for the kitchen

KITCHEN FAUCETS rethought. At the touch of a button, glasses and pots can be filled with pinpoint accuracy and temperatures can be set intuitively. No matter where, the AQUADOT is always within reach. An innovative kitchen companion in a class of its own.



Making your everyday life easier and more convenient

Take advantage of the convenience of state-of-the-art technology in the kitchen. With the AQUADOT, every function of your kitchen faucets is just a fingertip away. Whether you want to adjust the temperature, change the flow rate or fill a glass or pot with pinpoint accuracy: with the AQUADOT you have everything under control - simply by touch.

Aquadot kitchen faucet


Reduced to the essentials

The sleek design of the AQUADOT sink mixers is reduced to the essentials and, thanks to AQUADOT, does not require a single-lever mixer. This gives the tap a particularly elegant and seamless look. The tap is also easier to clean and requires less maintenance.


Always the right amount: the glass fill function

Don't worry about the right amount of water. With the AQUADOT, filling the glass precisely is child's play. Simply press the button for filling the glass and the AQUADOT ensures that the glass is filled exactly as you want it. The amount of water can be easily programmed by you and can be quickly adjusted.

Aquadot Fill up water glass
Aquadot filling pot with water


Always perfectly filled: With the pot fill function

Forget about manual filling and enjoy the precision of a computerized tap. The AQUADOT always fills your pot with exactly the same amount of water - and you don't even have to stand next to it. Make your cooking experience even more convenient and easier with the digital kitchen faucet.

Aquadot blue
Aquadot yellow
Aquadot red


  • Digital Kitchen Faucet
  • Flexible positioning
  • Glass Fill programmable
  • Pott Fill programmable
  • Made in EU
  • High quality
  • Three color variants
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Optical display for temperature
  • Adjustable water volume
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Long battery life
Aquadot in the kitchen


In contrast to other digital taps, with the AQUADOT from SCHÜTTE you can set the water volume and temperature as you wish. The next time it is used, the tap starts with the previously used setting. You can also use the quick selection buttons for glass fill and pot fill.

Intuitively program the desired amount of water for filling glasses. Press and hold the Glass-Fill button until your desired glass is full. The AQUADOT remembers the amount of water and fills your glass automatically the next time you press the button.

When cooking, you will no longer have to wait for your pot to be filled. Place the pot under the tap and let it fill automatically by briefly tapping the Pot-Fill button. You can set the desired amount of water for your pots by holding down the Pot Fill button for a long time.

The AQUADOT is designed so that it can fall into water or get dirty. The surface is easy to clean and smooth so that no water can penetrate. So you will enjoy your new digital kitchen faucet for a long time.

The AQUADOT is simply charged using the cable supplied. With average use, the battery lasts for more than a month. You can charge the AQUADOT for several days of use in just a few hours.

This elegant kitchen faucet is a successful combination of function and design: the slender body makes the AQUADOT tap an elegant eye-catcher for the sink. The flexible spout with adjustable dish spray can be bent in all directions and gives you a comfortable radius of action when cooking and sinks.

The AQUADOT is available in three high-quality color combinations. Whether chrome / black, stainless steel look / black or elegant matt black, you have a free choice for your new digital kitchen companion.