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Strategic alliance in the kitchen and bathroom equipment sector: the family-hold group Luisina based in Brittany is joining forces with its German industrial counterpart SCHÜTTE, who thereby pursues its international development and strengths its position on the French market.

The European market in kitchen and bathroom equipment for professionals continues its consolidation, with the integration of Luisina into the SCHÜTTE Group. This strategic alliance, part of the German group's international expansion strategy, promises to generate a range of synergies, both industrially and commercially.

This thoughtful and long-term project is based on a convergence of shared interests and common values between two independent family entities. By combining the recognized expertise of the German group in equipment design with the proven know-how of the Breton group and its knowledge of the French market, this initiative marks the beginning of a new phase of growth and shared success.

The benefits of this partnership are manifold: strengthening the competitive position of both groups in their national and international markets, paving the way for increased operational and commercial synergies, and enabling optimization of production processes and a more diversified offering for B2B customers.

The Breton group sees in this integration opportunity the chance to preserve and strengthen the DNA that has made it successful since 1989. Respect for family heritage and regional values is at the heart of this alliance, ensuring the sustainability and continuity of the activities of both groups over time.

"We are very pleased to welcome Luisina, a successful medium-sized family business, into our corporate group, which will significantly support us in our international growth strategy. Preserving the core values of two family businesses and our mutual local commitment are fundamental elements of our shared future" stated Björn Schütte, shareholder-manager of SCHÜTTE Group GmbH.

The shareholders of the Breton group adhere to this statement, expressing their enthusiasm for the opportunities offered by this strategic partnership: "We're delighted to be joining the Schütte Group, which will enable us to build our business over the long term and offer us many opportunities for mutual development and synergies.” declares Valery Jeuland, General Director of SCD Luisina.

Both entities are now eager to realize their common vision together and to write the next successful chapters of their history. The turnover of the new group amounts to more than 175 million euros.


Together with its sister companies Kirchhoff, Eisl and Wasserwerk, Franz Joseph Schütte GmbH (founded in 1976) produces high-quality taps, sprays and sanitary products under the umbrella of the SCHÜTTE Group. Trust and satisfaction are the basis for the partnership with more than 150 customer groups with more than 6,500 sales outlets in Europe.

The German family-owned group employs around 250 people through its locations in Wallenhorst (Germany), Salzburg (Austria), Hong Kong (China) and Atlanta (USA)


Founded in 1989 by Jean Jeuland, father of the current managers, SCD Luisina is a family-hold company located in Brittany, France. Historically specialized in sinks and faucets, SCD Luisina has continuously expanded its range over the years to better support kitchen designers in their day-to-day needs.

Sinks, faucets, countertops, hoods, tables and chairs, kitchen accessories, and bathroom fixtures; SCD Luisina now offers one of the most extensive and high-quality ranges in kitchen and bathroom equipment for professionals.