AQUASTAR PRO - Design. Quality. Technology.

The kitchen tap that can do more – modern design and first-class quality combined with innovative technology. This is the AQUASTAR PRO, which offers you pure water straight from the tap.

The tap

The AQUASTAR PRO is a kitchen tap and water filter in one. A separate water supply ensures healthy, filtered drinking water on the one hand and unfiltered drinking water for many everyday uses on the other.

AQUASTAR PRO: Kitchen tap and filter tap in one
AQUASTAR PRO: Pure water from the filter unit

Pure Water

Our high-quality filter effectively removes impurities such as chlorine, heavy metals and sediments, for clear and tasty water. This protects your health and that of your family.

Sustainable Living

Enjoy limescale-free water by choosing filtered water! This not only protects your household appliances from limescale, it also increases their lifespan.

AQUASTAR PRO: Close-up quality
AQUASTAR PRO: Apple image

Better Environment

Filtered water straight from the kitchen tap. That way, you reduce plastic waste and save energy. Choose a sustainable solution and help minimise the impact of disposable packaging on the environment.

Elegant Design

In addition to its functionality, our kitchen mixer tap also impresses with its attractive design. It fits perfectly into any kitchen environment and adds an extra touch of elegance and a modern accent to your kitchen.

AQUASTAR PRO: Design image

The Filter

European Brand Filter for clean Water.

Thanks to state-of-the-art filter technology, the AQUASTAR PRO effectively filters heavy metals such as copper, lead and other impurities from tap water. This results in great taste and pure water quality. This makes cooking and drinking a healthy pleasure.

AQUASTAR PRO: Filter unit

Taps that do more.

The Design

Elegant and timeless design combined with the latest technology. The AQUASTAR PRO is available in the trendy colours chrome, stainless steel and matt black.

AQUASTAR PRO: Colour variants

The Details

  • Incl. filter and filter head
  • User-friendly installation and maintenance
  • Filter change interval: approx. 6 months,
  • Incl. timestrip® for monitoring interval
  • Separate operating levers for
  • Filtered water and for tap water
  • Practical cold start function to save energy
  • 360° swivel spout
  • Flexible connection hoses of
  • Approx. 500 mm
  • Low-noise, replaceable 35 mm
  • Ceramic cartridge
AQUASTAR PRO: Dimensional drawing

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